Advertising Forecast for 2015

Ad spends 2015

  1. Advertising spends in India are expected to grow from Rs 43,491 in 2014 to Rs 48,977 crores in 2015, a growth of 12.6% year on year
  2. Television will continue to the largest segment, contributing to 46% of ad spends. Television is expected to grow at 16%.
  3. FMCGs will continue to be the largest spenders on TV, contributing to more than 50% of TV advertising spends. Auto and Ecomm spends are expected to increase.Digital spends
  4.  Digital spends will grow by 37%, contributing 9.5% to the total share of ad spends, way behind Print which continues to the second preferred media for most advertisers.
  5. Digital spends continue to be dominated by Search (38% of digital spends) and Display(29% spends)
  6. Spends on mobile advertising constitute about 10% of digital spends.
  7. In mobile advertising, it is mostly in-app advertising which contributes 40% of the spends.Print is expected to show a modest growth of 5% and its share in total spends will drop from 37% to 34.4%. Magazines will follow the trend of last 7 years and show a decline in growth.
  8. Out of home(OOH) will contribute about 5.2% of spends.
  9. Radio will growth at a rate of 11 % and contribute about 4% of total spends.