Digital Marketing Trends


Mobility solutions will continue to be on upswing. Mobility will be a leading influence in the “Internet of Things” (IOT) and a driving force in convergence of different media.

  1. Mobile advertising- Major chunk of Mobile advertising will continue to be search and display ads. In-app advertising is going to gain in clout and usage. Video is growing as well. Other interesting growth area is in-ad payments.

The challenges of mobile ads are mostly

  1. The varied devices and systems
  2. Consolidating cross usages across mobile site and app
  3. Maintaining data privacy and following regulations
  4. Surplus of inventory that will flood the market
  1. Solutions will flow in product extensions like the Apple watch, a device which captures the compactness of mobile, hooks on to the net, is closely associated with the human host capturing personal data on health.
  2. Augmented Reality solutions- Augmented reality solutions currently are considered too gimmicky to be of value to marketers; this will soon change. Imagine watching an ad or a product placement in a movie, scanning it and buying the product or getting more info on it right away. It is a promising prospect for a marketer frustrated by the inability to measure the actual purchase impact of a TV commercial.
  3. Ibeacon and Bluetooth smart- Airlines and Retail formats have started waking up to the advantages of using beacon technology.
  4. Mobile marketing analytics
  5. The world of Apps- Apps, interestingly, seem to be gathering in strength. While it’s a drudgery to download multiple apps and save them on to valuable mobile storage, they seem to be gaining. Apps need a very strong utility benefit to be downloaded, used and to evade uninstallation. An airline or train ticketing app will stay installed for a while. However, a newspaper app will struggle to seduce anyone other the most loyal fans. The prevalence and the growth of apps would also have ramifications for the mobile device manufacturers. Greater device memory will become a norm. App developers will have to bring in rich functionality with lower storage requirements.

Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

Content available on networked screens outside homes- Airport terminals, Malls, subways, Taxis, elevators, theatres, or any other area with high foot falls catering to target consumer group has been around for a while now.

Use is nascent. However with integration of beacon technology and OOH, the scenes out of  Spielberg’s ‘Minority report’ may soon turn into reality and that shoe you have been browsing for some time might wink at you conspiratorially from the big screen in the mall, just when you are outside the outlet.

This looks promising for marketers looking out for real- time, data driven, measurable advertising.

OOH with beacon can also be used for mass customization of offerings in retail outlets and areas with high foot falls.

Cross device identification

At any given point of time, consumers are getting more and more plugged in to multiple devices- be it television and mobile or print and mobile. Identifying users across devices and offering a seamless, customized experience enabling more data enriched remarketing is soon going to the mantra for marketers and service providers.

Identifying users across devices or across multiple accesses like mobile page and Apps is a challenging area for marketers. The technological limitation combined with the privacy challenges would mean marketers are reluctant to use any data, unless explicitly provided by the user.

In short, mobility usage is growing with newer functionalities, bringing in better targeting and customization. Convergence of media is another interesting area for marketers and media planners. Both there are areas will be heavily influenced by growth in collection and interpretation of data, enabling media measurements which are more objective than the current panel based methodologies.

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