Personal Resolutions

The beginning of a new year or rather the end of an eventful year is the best time to resolve. To take stock of a year that went by, what worked, what I could have done better, the last week of December is a wonderful time of year. The holiday season and the yuletide spirit give the right amount of euphoria and motivation to put down the resolutions. These are mine- fetched, filtered out of my experiences –

  1. Keep reading: Read Dickens or Christie or Gladwell. They all enrich my understanding of this world. What if they don’t help me with my career, they will definitely help me “build character” – as Calvin’s father* would have said. I enjoy reading fiction and it’s easy for me read them. Now, I need to start enjoying books on business and management.
  2. Travel: nothing substitutes the pleasures and learning of travelling. And at times, I have ended up meeting some unforgettable people.
  3. Explore new places and experiences: explore that quaint café at the cul-de-sac which serves ginger nectar, the florist with the amazing collection of orchids, the library which seems to be a treasure trove, that road which looks too idyllic and I don’t yet know where it leads to.
  4. Connect to friends & Family: we need them –
    1. the sane, balanced ones
    2. the ambitious, logical ones
    3. the preaching but not practising ones
    4. the ‘ I can talk to you about my fears without you making me feel like a worm’ ones
    5. the whiners
    6. all but the overtly negative ones whose misery forces them to turn nasty on me

We need them simply because they could be our support system when we are down in the dumps or if life decides to turn turtle.

Connect to family: Well, they do disappoint us at times. Then, haven’t we disappointed them even once? My family, like many others, has been a very potent insurance against recession and unemployment.

  1. Wear good clothes and shoes: yeah, more that creating an impression, It feels nice about giving myself all this in exchange for being constantly on the run, stretching myself thin, sticking to a life of discipline. And yeah, I shouldn’t save those shoes for special occasions once a year. I would rather they wear out due to constant use than fall to pieces due to disuse.
  2. Buy things you have always wanted: in our day to day existence, we learn to do things for every one- spouses, children, folks and in turn forget to respect and value the most important person whose happiness is as important- ourselves. Once in a while, let me gift myself that long wished perfume or the watch.
  3. Exercise: A 10 K run is as wonderful as a peaceful night’s sleep. Enjoy the run. That is more important. I recently discovered the pleasures of running, thanks to my friends. Nothing like challenging yourself. Or take a sport, keep learning a new swing, stroke every week. Or learn some new dance moves- ballet or zumba, whatever catches my fancy. Not able to find a class close by? Let me go buy a few DVDs.
  4. Learn to enjoy the chores- hate cooking? Use a Sunday to try baking those buns. The smell of freshly baked buns never fails to lift my mood and soon enough I will be  planning and plotting my next culinary experiment. The help didn’t turn up and the dishes are piled up? Well it’s an opportunity for me to shine them up. The help can never keep it so polished and shining!
  5. Keep learning: tell myself  to learn a new thing every year. Learn a language or ikebana or watercolors. This year, well, it is Zumba and Tennis.
  6. Be happy, stay happy. Let me not fuss on things I couldn’t control. But when I can control, I have to make sure I do what the heart says is the right thing to do.

This list is mine, but no doubt inspired by Linda Cole’s article.

*Calvin & Hobbes