Mobile Trends- Instant Messaging

Mobile usage is increasing worldwide. In many developing countries, mobile is the first gateway to internet. With cheaper options of cellphone devices available today, internet users have skipped the stage of using a desktop machine to surf the internet and moving directly to the Mobile.

Usage Pattern

Worldwide, instant messaging is the largest content category on mobile following by Social media. The other largest categories are

  • Games
  • Transactional categories

Top categories in Mobile

1 Instant Messaging
2 Social Media
3 Games
4 Job search
5 Retail
6 Travel
7 Banking

India closely follows the same trend. However, the reach levels are much higher as compared to worldwide trends.

There is a rising migration to mobile around the world. “Mobile first” is becoming increasingly a leading strategy for brands across the world

Instant Messaging

Whatsapp and Facebook messenger lead the market. There is clear demarcation in leadership across markets.

global-instant-messagingImage courtesy: comScore

Facebook messenger is more popular in Western markets while Eastern Europe and Asia             are predominantly Whatsapp market. It’s a “winner takes it all” story for Facebook which owns both these products.

China has its version of messaging with Wechat where both Facebook* and Whatsapp are censored.



*Facebook is trying to sneak in a secret Chinese app as per new reports. Supposedly a dud so far.